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Documents for tender

Contract title : Supply and Installation of refrigerated rooms
Publication reference: AID 010601 / FGPII / TAP 02-2016

John Paul II Foundation intends to award a supply contract for installation of refrigerated rooms (one room with Temperature from 0.0° C to +5° C, two rooms with Temperature from -18 °C to -22° C ) with electrical /generator room and service, in Jericho, West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territory, with financial assistance from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

The tender dossier is available :

  • from headquarter of John Paul II Foundation, Jerusalem Hebron St. P.O. Box 24, Bethlehem-West Bank – Occupied Palestinian Territory
  • and here

A clarification meeting and site visit will be held on Wednesday 21.12.2016, at 10.00 a.m., in the Chamber of Commerce of Jericho, Al Quds Main street, 2nd floor, Next to Al Manar Supermarket, Jericho/West Bank/ Occupied Palestinian Territory. (Contact the local coordinator of project, Mr. Samer Baboun, telephone number: 0597961888 to confirm attendance)

The Deadline for submission of tenders is:
Tuesday 17.01.2017, at 11.00 a.m. (Local Time- West Bank)
All tenders must be received at the address of:
John Paul II Foundation, Jerusalem Hebron St. P.O. Box 24, Bethlehem-West Bank- Occupied Palestinian Territory.
Att. Ms. Linda Fantinati

The tenders must be submitted via the following means: either by recorded delivery (official postal services), or hand delivered (including currier services) directly to the Contracting Authority in return for a signed and dated receipt.
Any tender received by the Contracting Authority after this deadline will not be considered.

LIST od documents

Contract notice
Summary notice
A. Instructions to tender
.     A1. Letter of invitation of tender
.     A2. Instruction to tenders
B. Draft contract and special conditions, including offers, questionnaire,
.     B1. Draft contract
.     B2. Draft special conditions
.     B3. General conditions
.     B4. Technical specifications
.     B5. Manifacture and bill of quantities
.     .     B5.1 Architecture-Civil
.     .     B5.2 Electrical
.     .     B5.3 Mechanical
.     B6. Performance guarantee
.     B7. Questionnaire
.     .     B7.1 General information about the tenderer
.     .     B7.2 Organization chart
.     .     B7.3 Power of attorney
.     .     B7.4 Financial statement
.     .     B7.5 Financial identification form
.     .     B7.6.1 Legal entity files
.     .     B7.6.2 Legal entity files
.     .     B7.6.3 Legal entity files
.     .     B7.7 Technical qualifications
C. Further information
.     C1. Administrative compliance grid
.     C2. Evaluation grid
D. Tender form and annexes
.     D1. Tender form
.     D2. Tender guarantee
.     D3. Declaration of honor
E. Drawings
.     List of drawings
.     1. Photo rilief
.     2. Project idea
.     E1. Architecture drawings
.     E2. Civil drawings
.     E3. Electrical drawings
.     E4. Mechanical drawings

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